Are you among countless couples for whom Valentine’s Day has become a routine that simply ticks off every one of the romantic holiday cliches because it’s become habit? The dozen or two red roses are nice while they last; the same goes for the box of gourmet chocolates or the bottle of nice wine to share. Valentine’s Day is all about remembering those you love and celebrating their importance in your life, so don’t let your loved ones get relegated to rote tasks you do to tick off a list. Instead, branch out and do something special to them just how important they are in your life.


It’s Not a Hallmark Holiday

Surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is not a relatively recent holiday dreamt up by advertisers to sell more goods. Valentine’s Day has been a day for couples to express their love for each other for centuries. It began with courtly love traditions of English and European literature in the 1300s and has evolved over time, but the essential elements of the holiday have remained pretty similar since the celebration began. At its most basic, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your good fortune in finding the special person you are in love with. The traditions of sending cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts has been going on for centuries.


Break With Tradition

Just because cards and flowers have been tradition doesn’t mean you’re required to stick to those. If you find you’ve fallen into a rut and you’re purchasing Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetheart out of rote habit, it’s definitely time to shake things up! This year, instead of the stereotypical heart-shaped box of chocolates and over-priced red roses, choose to give your sweetie a memorable experience instead. While you may want to still give flowers or a gift, a special night out at will create a more lasting memory that your loved one can hold onto for years to come.


Elevate Your Holiday

At Elevation, we’ve made it easy to provide your valentine with a romantic night out without hours and hours of work to create the perfect plan and put it into effect. We’ll set the scene with some of Kennesaw’s best views. Look out over the airfield and enjoy dinner at our steakhouse while the sunset paints the sky or enjoy your evening with the stars and an almost-full moon setting a romantic mood that you can see from our wrap-around windows.

Dinner itself will be extra-special at Elevation this Valentine’s Day. We have a special prix fixe menu planned so you and your sweetheart can each choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert that aren’t on our usual dinner menu. Our options range from an Elevation twist on traditional dishes like Osso Bucco to black cod with Thai purple rice. And, of course, we have special desserts planned and wine specials to pair with your meal!

This Valentine’s Day, choose Kennesaw’s best steakhouse to create special memories with your sweetie. Call Elevation to reserve your table before they all fill up!