For all that it’s known as a staunchly Irish holiday, it wasn’t until late in the 20th century that St. Patrick’s Day even became as widely celebrated in Ireland as it has been in America. Largely, this is the case because of the mass amounts of Irish immigrants that left the mother country for places like New York in the 1800s because of the great famine. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day stopped being a simple celebration of the saint and shifted to a celebration that focused on celebrating one’s cultural heritage. It became an annual celebration of Irishness for those who had left their homeland or never seen it.


St. Patty’s Day Today

In both America and Ireland today, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations include a lot of green, perhaps a trip to church, parades, and pretty large amounts of alcohol. In Ireland, there’s also a push to speak more Irish, especially on what has become a widespread cultural holiday, in order to reclaim and express their cultural heritage. Whether you’re Irish or not, this day has become a day to celebrate life in true Irish style.


Ways To Celebrate

If digging out a green shirt and finding several pints of Guinness aren’t your idea of a great St. Patty’s Day celebration, embrace the true Irish way of celebrating both their heritage and their life. According to an old Irish proverb, the best ways to both celebrate and to live your life in general are to “laugh as much as you breathe and love as much as you live.” Which means, in this case, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in whatever way will make you happy! Find a good meal, a tasty drink, and gather your friends together for a fun evening, even though the holiday falls mid-week.


Elevate Your Celebration

If an over-crowded bar you can barely walk through isn’t your idea of a fun celebration, come visit Elevation in Kennesaw. Between our delicious steakhouse menu and our variety of specialty cocktails, we have plenty of options so you can eat, drink, and be merry. Try one of our liquid nitrogen martinis for a fun and festive drink option and enjoy our special holiday prix fixe menu to truly make it a celebratory evening. Our steakhouse overlooks the airfield, so you’re guaranteed spectacular scenery no matter when you visit us.

If you want to gather your Irish (or your Irish for the evening) family and friends together, call and ask about our event room availability. Our catering team will work to create a special celebratory atmosphere for your party! Call soon, before the spaces are all reserved!


Irish For A Day

St. Patrick’s Day may not feel like the most important of holidays, but if you celebrate like the Irish, it’s bound to be a memorable celebration. With our special St. Patrick’s Day celebration options, your evening at Elevation will help you create memories of another Irish proverb, “Always remember to forget the things that made you sad, but never forget to remember the things that made you glad.” Raise your glass and wish your loved ones “sláinte,” or good health, and enjoy the evening!

Join us at Elevation in Kennesaw this St. Patrick’s Day for a fun and festive night out. Reserve your table now!