Two of the biggest buzzwords in food these days are “local” and “sustainable.” With so many people becoming more conscious about green energy and everyday sustainability measures at home, that naturally extends to where our food comes from and how it is made. This is, usually, why choosing local restaurants is better than those national chain restaurants (on top of local joints, more often than not, offering tastier fare). In addition to helping the local economy, local restaurants are more likely to source many of their ingredients from local farms, farmer’s markets, and fishermen – which means the ingredients going into their meals are fresher and more sustainable. Fortunately, Georgia is a coastal state, which makes it far easier to get fresh seafood in sustainable ways than they can in a landlocked state like Kansas.


Eat Out Sustainably

For many, especially the health conscious or those with dietary restrictions, seafood offers a delicious and healthy option on the restaurant menu. Fortunately, with help from the Georgia Seafood Directory, you can also choose seafood options that are more sustainable. Below, we have a list of seafood options that are both sustainable and delicious! Next time you go out to a seafood restaurant in Kennesaw, like Elevation, keep your eye out for the following options:

  • Shrimp – especially Georgia-fished white shrimp and brown shrimp
  • Saltwater fish – A variety of saltwater fish available include: mahi-mahi, red snapper, wahoo, triggerfish
  • Freshwater fish – options include catfish and rainbow trout as well as local farm raised options
  • Georgia oysters – the harvest season for these is usually June to September
  • Georgia blue crab – blue crab in Georgia is usually harvested fresh from March to May
  • Hardshell clams – Georgia has 13 clam farms currently to provide sustainable shellfish

To see a full list of sustainable seafood in Georgia and learn more about how to choose sustainable options the next time you visit a seafood restaurant, visit the Georgia Seafood Directory online.


Seafood at Elevation

At Elevation, we strive to offer not only awesome cocktails like our liquid nitrogen martinis, we want to give you a spectacular steak and seafood menu. On our brunch menu, we offer a Chef’s Jambalaya that changes regularly since we include regional and seasonal seafood and ingredients. Or enjoy some delicious delicate shrimp with our Spring Shrimp Pasta. For dinnertime seafood options, we have a variety of seafood dishes including Seared Scallops, Blackened Catfish, or Fried Gulf Shrimp. If you want to know more about our full seafood offerings, see both our brunch and dinner menus online. Be sure to ask about the Chef’s Daily Special, which focuses on using fresh regional and seasonal ingredients.


If you have a craving for delicious Georgia seafood, come see us at Elevation, Kennesaw’s best steak and seafood restaurant. Be sure to keep an eye on our events page for our ever-changing holiday menus! If you’re already hooked on Elevation, call us to cater your next event and get the same delicious menu variety. The next time you’re in the mood for some Georgia shrimp, come to Elevation. Reserve your table online today!