Do you ever feel like every week is exactly the same as the one before, almost down to the shirts you wear? So often, between work, school, the kids’ activities, and your own social obligations, it can feel like life has just fallen into a deep rut of routine. In elementary school, lessons often tie in to the next upcoming holiday, and they’ve got the right idea! Finding reasons to celebrate and focusing on those is a great way to break the monotony of your usual routine. With Elevation’s event rooms, planning a celebration in Kennesaw doesn’t even take a whole lot of effort!


Find Reasons to Celebrate

If you’re purposefully finding things to celebrate in your life, it pushes you to focus on the good in your life rather than getting caught up in the monotony. So yes, celebrate the 15th anniversary of the day you met your spouse or your child’s first role in a school play. We understand that you may not want to host a big catered dinner for every single celebratory moment in your life, so start smaller. Maybe prepare a special meal at home or go out for ice cream with fun toppings. However, for bigger events like your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary or your daughter’s sweet sixteen, planning an event for family and friends to join will create lasting memories.


Get Planning

Planning a party doesn’t have to involve a ton of work. The primary necessities for nearly any party are delicious food, plenty of drinks, and a festive space. Everything else is just icing on the cake. So, with that in mind, there’s no need to go absolutely crazy with stress the next time you have a big occasion to celebrate. Instead of worrying about buying all sorts of decorations you’ll just throw away later, buying so much food your fridge can’t close, and worrying if you have enough different drinks and mixes for your guests, simplify it all down to one easy step: book a restaurant with an event space.


Restaurants With Private Rooms

The reason this is the best route to go is a simple one; when you book a restaurant’s private room, you can rest assured they’ll do a vast majority of the planning for you. Largely, you will only have to give your input to customize the menu and drinks. At a restaurant with private room spaces, like those at Elevation, we take care of all the planning for you. We will dress up the space to look festive so you don’t have to worry about decor unless you want to. In addition, holding your event in our party room means you get food that is fresher and better tasting than ordering catering would provide as well as access to a seemingly endless array of drink choices. Simply call our designated party line at (770) 741-2861 or fill out our form online to get started planning your next event.

Get the best our steak and seafood restaurant has to offer served next to amazing views. Call now to arrange your next event at Elevation in Kennesaw!