Throwing a party is tough work. It may not look like it at the outset, but there are a great many details that have to be decided, and a lot of those details need to be planned out in advance if you want your event to go smoothly. When you’re still in the initial planning stages, it may seem easy enough to decide that everyone should bring a dish to share, pot-luck style, and that will be sufficient for feeding your guests. However, as you get closer to the date and more demands start piling on, you may come to regret that decision. This fall, don’t just decide to wing it and go pot-luck or get a few meat and cheese trays from the local supermarket. Here are a few events coming up that you may not have known catering can help:


Football season is just around the corner! We know you probably have the first pre-season game circled on your calendar so you don’t miss a minute of it. If you’re planning a big get-together before a game, make sure you’ll be able to actually enjoy it! Pre-game tailgating is a great way to enjoy time with family or friends, or even host a fundraiser for your kid’s school team. When tailgating is just you and a couple of friends, that can be easy enough to pull off on your own; but if you’re hosting a big group, catering can be a no-fuss option to ensure everyone is well fed and you don’t miss a minute of the fun.

Pledge Week Festivities

Fall means school is starting up again and, for college students, it often means settling into classes, choosing extra-curriculars, and pledging into a sorority or fraternity. Greek life is a time-honored tradition across the nation, but it’s particularly big here in Georgia. If you’re in charge of planning Pledge Week festivities, make sure your party or parties aren’t a flop by arranging for catering services to come and provide appetizers or a full buffet spread.

Bonfires and Field Parties

Fall is the right time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather and the shift in seasons. This year, give your field party just that little bit extra. As an added bonus, letting someone else handle the food means you can kick back, relax, and party with everyone else instead of worrying over every little detail. Catering doesn’t always have to be formal sit-down dinners with a dozen courses. Talk with your catering service about providing barbecue, your fried favorites, easy to eat snacks, or whatever else you prefer.

This fall, make your party planning process easier, no matter what your event or celebration will entail. However, fall is just around the corner, so if you want to book catering for your event, you’ll need to get started before it’s too late to book! Kennesaw’s Elevation offers catering services that will bring the delicious snacks or meals to you; or, if you prefer, we can set you up in one of our party rooms. Contact our catering services today to get started!