As many a Pinterest board can show, creating a theme for your event is a great way to make your party extra-celebratory. Adding centerpieces to the tables, a few banners or garlands around the room, and maybe creating a makeshift photo booth are great ways to add some pizazz to an otherwise ordinary family reunion, wedding reception, or other celebration. Simply choose something fun, and the internet can guide you with a multitude of ways to D.I.Y the decor for your party. One of the best ways to really help set the scene is to create a themed drink or treat bar for your guests to create their own concoctions. When you’re arranging catering for your next event, ask the catering coordinator what your options are for including a themed bar. If you need a bit of help, here are a few of our favorite options:


Summer Drink Bar

This is an option that can be an adults-only stop or kid friendly. Simply pick a theme drink, and create bowls or jars of different mix-in options. For an adults-only option, create a sangria bar or mimosa bar where guests can start with a base mixture and skewer or add in their own fruits to garnish. Or, for a more kid-friendly option, fruit flavored sorbets and a lemon-lime or ginger flavored soda make for a delicious drink base. As with the adult option, have plenty of fresh fruit to mix in. And, on those particularly hot Georgia days, freeze fruit or fruit juice into ice cubes so drinks can stay cool and refreshing with a bit of extra fun.


Winter Drink Bar

When the temperatures drop, even if there isn’t snow on the ground, hot cocoa is a perennial favorite, no matter your age. For a winter drink bar, start with hot cocoa—go wild and have a couple different flavor options so your guests can mix and match. For the adults, have whiskey, Irish cream liqueur, or spirits to mix in, and for everyone, offer candy canes, marshmallows, and other sundae-appropriate toppings.



Dessert Bars

Anyone who has ever visited a buffet as a kid likely knows exactly how exciting a dessert bar can be. Help your guests bring out their inner child with a themed dessert bar. As with the drink bars, start with a base dessert that goes well with a variety of different flavors, like brownies or ice cream. Have different sauces, toppings, and don’t forget the sprinkles! Or, for something more interactive, have a build your own dessert bar that calls for a bit of effort, like a build-your-own-s’mores bar. Offer different graham cracker and marshmallow flavors as well as a variety of chocolates available as well as a bonfire or other marshmallow toasting options.


If you’re looking for ways to make your event more exciting, don’t forget about the food and the venue. Whether you need a unique location to host your party or the food to come to you, contact Elevation catering services in Kennesaw to get started planning your next event today!