If you’re just sitting down to plan an event, the piles and stacks of details to contend with probably feel pretty overwhelming. At this point, even the lists you compiled to make planning easier seem so overwhelming you can’t complete them! So, what do you do? What you must, of course: get organized and get going! For some of you, that may mean color coding and creating a timeline while, for others, that means hiring a party planner. One of the earliest questions you’ll need to answer is where you will hold your event, because that will dictate a lot of other details, like catering. Choosing a venue in Kennesaw or elsewhere can greatly affect a number of factors in terms of your event, so choose wisely!


Why Venues Matter

If you’re hosting a business lunch with a guest list full of potential investors, you probably don’t need a wedding hall complete with white lace and frills. A venue makes a huge difference on several levels, the most important of which is fitting your planned number of guests. A business meeting for twenty doesn’t call for an event hall, but a wedding reception will need space for all your guests to eat as well as space to mingle and dance. On top of that, the venue you choose will affect the formality of your event and can even affect what foods you can provide for your guests! After all, a rustic outdoor venue with picnic tables and no kitchen may not be able to provide the black tie sit down dinner you’ve been envisioning. Whether you choose an event hall, a public space, or a restaurant with a party room, be sure you’re weighing your options carefully before you put down that deposit.

Arranging Catering

When you’re holding an event, the food usually plays a big role and the venue you choose can affect food as much as space. Generally, venues are split into two camps: those locations without a designated food provider and restaurants with designated event spaces. Depending on the space, you may be limited in the variety of food that a catering service can provide and how it will be served. For instance, if you’re planning a black tie event, you probably expect a plated dinner service. Choosing a restaurant with an event space provides more options in terms of both food options and serving styles.


Plated Versus Buffet

Generally speaking, a plated meal is going to evoke a more elevated atmosphere, while a buffet is more laid back. A buffet means the catering service can serve more guests in a shorter span of time. However, while a plated dinner takes longer to serve, it creates a special atmosphere and means food is being delivered to your guests when it is freshly cooked and piping hot. And, as an added bonus, meals can be more easily customized for those with allergies. Choosing a restaurant with an event space means that, whichever option you choose, the food will be prepared fresh and served quickly so it will be delicious!


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