1. Catering Questions: Apps and Snacks Versus a Full Meal

    Forget the centerpieces and don’t worry about the color scheme, one of the most important parts of planning any event is the food. Think about this: if you have a hungry horde of guests expecting sustenance and left with nothing to nosh on, your event will probably end early because everyone will be heading out to the local restaurant for better options. Of course, while the food is important, t…Read More

  2. Choosing Your Cut: Which Steak Cut Is Best?

    If you’re a steak lover, you’ve surely experienced the difference between a juicy, tender, flavorful steak and an overcooked, tough, gristle-filled puck of meat masquerading as a steak. Bad steak happens, but thank goodness, it’s totally avoidable. And, while you should never experienced a sub-par steak at a steakhouse, the more you know about the different cuts, the easier it is to choose s…Read More

  3. Georgia Fall Festivities: Events You May Not Know Need Catering

    Throwing a party is tough work. It may not look like it at the outset, but there are a great many details that have to be decided, and a lot of those details need to be planned out in advance if you want your event to go smoothly. When you’re still in the initial planning stages, it may seem easy enough to decide that everyone should bring a dish to share, pot-luck style, and that will be suffic…Read More

  4. Choose a Theme: Creating Fun Treat Bars at Catered Events

    As many a Pinterest board can show, creating a theme for your event is a great way to make your party extra-celebratory. Adding centerpieces to the tables, a few banners or garlands around the room, and maybe creating a makeshift photo booth are great ways to add some pizazz to an otherwise ordinary family reunion, wedding reception, or other celebration. Simply choose something fun, and the inter…Read More

  5. Who Needs Catering Services? Going Beyond Party Catering

    The first thing that comes to mind when the word catering gets mentioned is usually wedding catering—often blandly flavored, lukewarm at best, and overall unexciting. The good news is, not all catering is cut from the same cloth, thank goodness! The idea behind catering services is to provide delicious food for your gathering, no matter the size of your group. Below are some of the more common c…Read More

  6. Appetizers or Sit-Down: Planning a Catering Meal

    Let’s talk food. After all, it sustains us, but even more importantly, it can be the centerpiece of a party when done well—or the talking point for weeks after, if it’s poorly planned. If you have an upcoming event, a bit of planning with the right caterer can have a huge impact on how successful your event is, so it’s important to know what you need. Before you start planning a six-course…Read More

  7. Catering Contracts: What to Look For

    When you tell friends you’re on the hunt for event catering options, how many of them immediately frown or burst forth with catering horror stories? Wedding planning discussion boards are often filled with stories about caterers who over-promised and under-delivered or who showed up after the celebration with a sizeable—and unexpected—bill. Any caterer worth the title will find those behavio…Read More

  8. Food Allergies Bite: Catering for Allergies

    Stop and take a mental tally: how many people do you know who are gluten intolerant or have Celiacs Disease? Who are lactose intolerant? Who swell up horribly if they eat nuts or shellfish? Or, worst of all, who are allergic to chocolate? Then, add in the folks who are vegetarian or vegan for health or medical reasons and you may run out of fingers and toes on which to add up your numbers. These d…Read More

  9. Catering: Plated Meal or Buffet?

    If you’re just sitting down to plan an event, the piles and stacks of details to contend with probably feel pretty overwhelming. At this point, even the lists you compiled to make planning easier seem so overwhelming you can’t complete them! So, what do you do? What you must, of course: get organized and get going! For some of you, that may mean color coding and creating a timeline while, for …Read More

  10. Treat Mom to a Steakhouse Dinner for Mother’s Day!

    How many years in a row now have you given your mom that same standard bouquet of Gerbera daisies and carnations? Or another jeweled link for her customizable bracelet? Sure, she probably loves those gifts, but if you’ve given your mom the same gift year after year, it might be time to shake things up a bit and try something new. Instead of focusing on which gift will make Mom happiest, give you…Read More