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  1. Safe Seafood for Pregnant Women

    In recent years, there have been several articles and studies released about the health and safety of eating fish while pregnant or nursing and, as news tends to do, has become twisted around and a bit blown out of proportion. Like a schoolyard game of telephone, those reports got so twisted that the common conception is to avoid fish if you’re pregnant or nursing. That’s not actually the cas…Read More

  2. The Truth About Raw Steak

    There are about a million ways to cook a cut of beef. You can slow roast it in a Dutch oven so it bastes in its own fat and juices. You can ground it up, smother it in ketchup, and bake it into a loaf. You can even pound it thin, batter it, and deep fry it. But a simple and well-prepared steak, the kind that has a nice crisp sear on the outside but is still juicy and tender all the way through, i…Read More

  3. Celebrate St. Patty’s Day in Style

    For all that it’s known as a staunchly Irish holiday, it wasn’t until late in the 20th century that St. Patrick’s Day even became as widely celebrated in Ireland as it has been in America. Largely, this is the case because of the mass amounts of Irish immigrants that left the mother country for places like New York in the 1800s because of the great famine. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day st…Read More

  4. Event Planning: You Don’t Need an Event Hall

    Do you ever feel like every week is exactly the same as the one before, almost down to the shirts you wear? So often, between work, school, the kids’ activities, and your own social obligations, it can feel like life has just fallen into a deep rut of routine. In elementary school, lessons often tie in to the next upcoming holiday, and they’ve got the right idea! Finding reasons to celebrate …Read More

  5. Support Georgia Seafood at Elevation

    Two of the biggest buzzwords in food these days are “local” and “sustainable.” With so many people becoming more conscious about green energy and everyday sustainability measures at home, that naturally extends to where our food comes from and how it is made. This is, usually, why choosing local restaurants is better than those national chain restaurants (on top of local joints, more ofte…Read More

  6. Questions to Ask Your Caterer

    At Elevation, we tend to agree with Julia Child in that, “a party without cake is just a meeting.” Which is why, whether you’re hosting a business meeting or celebrating your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with the whole family, we can provide the cake! Whatever your reason for gathering together, make it a memorable and enjoyable experience with catering from Elevation. If you’ve ne…Read More

  7. Elevate Your Valentine’s Day Celebration

    Are you among countless couples for whom Valentine’s Day has become a routine that simply ticks off every one of the romantic holiday cliches because it’s become habit? The dozen or two red roses are nice while they last; the same goes for the box of gourmet chocolates or the bottle of nice wine to share. Valentine’s Day is all about remembering those you love and celebrating their importan…Read More

  8. Pin Ups & Pilots Halloween Party at Elevation

    Save the date for our annual Halloween party, Saturday, October 29th, 2016, hosted by Skyy Vodka. Dress up in your best Pilot or Pinup costume, and enjoy delicious food and specialty drinks with us! Prizes will be given to the best costume. Doors open at 7:00pm. Come early - this will be the hottest Halloween party in Kennesaw! …Read More

  9. Holiday Parties at Elevation

    Celebrate in style this holiday season at Elevation Chophouse! Take all of your guests senses to new heights this holiday season. With our stunning views, exquisite, artfully-prepared menu, and signature beverages, private dining with Elevation is so much more than a meal...it's an experience! On the Cobb County Airport, experience views of air traffic and historic Kennesaw mountains. Whether you…Read More

  10. Thanksgiving Dinner at Elevation

    Join Elevation Chophouse for the largest Thanksgiving meal you could ask for! Our Thanksgiving feast includes 3 courses with two meats, a variety of sides, dessert and more! We would love for you to join us from 11am-4pm at 1723 Mccollum Parkway B, Kennesaw. Call 770-485-7469 today to make your reservation. …Read More

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